Dr Melis Senova – Founder, Huddle

Dr Melis Senova is a pioneer in human-centred design, a founder of her own global strategic design consultancy, Huddle, and a highly-regarded and enterprising thought leader. Her unique perspective is the result of a scientific education, an engineering apprenticeship, a design PhD and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Her focus is on reshaping the super-systems that often shape society. This is essential to address the complex challenges facing humanity and the planet. Melis believes we can change our realities by changing our minds. She has been advocating human-centred design in many different contexts since 1999. In starting Huddle she has created the beginnings of a legacy and ecosystem of companies and organisations all geared towards deliberately designing holistic value for humans and the planet.

Melis is the author of This Human, a book about what it takes to be the person designing for other people. She has been published in peer reviewed journals in the filed of neuroscience and human factors, and is a sought-after speaker in all aspects of human-centred design.

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